Women of the world poetry slam in Minneapolis

March 8, 2013 by  

Tonight in Minneapolis, at the Institute of Production and Recording and Kieran’s Irish Pub, the preliminary bouts of the Sixth Annual Women of the World Poetry Slam are going to be held.

Entrants to the event are limited to spoken-word artists who are female. This event has a different dynamic to the World Poetry Slam of an individual nature, as it has a stronger sense of community, a safer space and is less cut-throat. According to Dominque Christina, the winner of last year’s Slam, although there is a lot of support and nurturing, it still remains a serious event.

In addition to the event tonight, Kieran’s Irish Pub will be the host of additional events over the weekend that include various workshops, open microphones, improv lessons, and dirty haiku battles. No doubt flyer printing and poster printing are being used to announce these offerings to the community so as many people as possible will be able to attend.

Most of the participants of the Women of the World Poetry Slam are from the United States, with a few additional ones from Canada. The only one from outside North America is Ali Jacs from New Zealand. All of the poems will be in English, although there will be distinct differences noticed in some of the vocabulary and grammatical expressions used from the various regions, as well as delivery methods. Christina noted, however, that the one common bond in the competition is women being able to relate to one another.