Two new Whole Foods stores to open in Minneapolis area

July 27, 2013 by  

Whole Foods, a natural and organic supermarket chain that is the largest in the nation, recently unveiled a new store in Maple Grove just outside of Minneapolis and is planning to open another store in the downtown area in the early fall. No doubt flyer printing and poster printing are being used by the grocery store to announce these new locations and encourage as many customers as possible to patronize their stores.

According to the executive director of operations for Minnesota and Wisconsin for Whole Foods, Dan Blackburn, the Whole Foods store in Maple Grove is located in a large retail environment. It is between 37,000 and 38,000 square feet in size and has a play area for children and a gourmet coffee bar. It is also the first store in the area to have its own liquor store right next to it.

Blackburn added that the store that is scheduled to open in downtown Minneapolis in late September will be the retail anchor on the ground floor for a $70 million complex that will include luxury apartments. He said that the demographics in the Twin Cities is more complex and, as such, Whole Foods looks to target locations where there are highly educated people with high incomes.

The first locations in the Twin Cities area for Whole Foods store were built in St. Paul in 1995, followed by a store near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis in 1999. It did not open any more stores until 2011 with one in Minnetonka and then in 2012 with another in Edina.