Recycling program brings savings too

October 11, 2012 by  

The 11th annual Minneapolis ‘Choose to Reuse’ partnership is on now underway and, this year, approximately 100 retail outlets are participating in the program, in partnership with Hennepin County, to encourage consumers to buy used or recycled goods.

Stores are offering discounts on consumer goods, from clothes to sporting goods, and even Halloween costumes are available in this year’s Choose to Reuse program. Books of coupons, featuring discount offers, have been distributed to approximately 100,000 people in the Minneapolis area. The printing of coupon books is big business for print companies, whether they are retail coupons or fundraising-style coupon books.

The books are also a reminder to people of the aim of the Choose to Reuse program, which is to recycle and repurpose consumer goods, keeping them out of the garbage and, therefore, out of local landfills.

Alisa Reckinger, an employee of Hennepin County Environmental Services, said:

“We just wanted to kind of keep some stuff out of the trash and encourage people to think about ways to kind of reuse their reusable goods and go and find some good stuff that other people have donated.”

One example of one of the many discount coupons in the Choose to Reuse booklet is the coupons for the Costume Rentals store in Minneapolis. The 17,000 square foot store is stocked with 30,000 Halloween costumes, now with 10% off until the end of November with coupon.

In nearby Roseville, shoppers can recycle a computer component at no charge at Computer Revolution, provided that they make a purchase. Most of the program participants are retail clothing shops and the scheme continues until November 30.