Occupy Minneapolis maintains a strong presence

December 23, 2011 by  

Like so many other cities in the United States, Minneapolis, Minn. is seeing its fair share of protesters, and they show no signs of backing down. County officials are doing everything they can think of to silence the occupiers but have only succeeded in making them louder and more determined.

“On the two-month anniversary of Occupy Minnesota, we gather at the People’s Plaza again to reclaim our space and continue our fight for equality and justice,” organizers said.

About 100 people gathered at the plaza on Dec. 11, attaching homemade signs to poles and driving staked signs into planters in lieu of banner printing from local print companies. Despite the local police and government’s attempt to silence the protestors, they insist they’re not going anywhere.

“The county has tried everything they can think of to take the plaza from us – seizing our tents, tarps and blankets, banning dozens of individual occupiers with trespass notices and a constant campaign of harassment and threats,” Sam Richards said. “But we refuse to be deterred.”

Occupiers are maintaining a 24-hour presence in the plaza every day of the week, and Richards believes that to be necessary:

“The 1 percent can buy their seat at the table,” he said. “The only way the [other] 99 percent can have their voices heard is ongoing occupations and protests in public spaces. The People’s Plaza is our plaza, a place for us to gather, organize and voice our demands for a society that puts people before profits. The county can steal our belongings, but they cannot evict our demand for justice.”