Minneapolis turns tap on storm water study

May 13, 2012 by  

The City of Minneapolis will participate in a two-year environmental study to look at changing weather patterns and how they will affect the discharge of storm water in neighboring communities.

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) is conducting the study and has chosen Minneapolis as a model for a developed system. Nearby Victoria, which is considered a developing area, is playing a role in the 24 month undertaking as well.

The project kicks off with a public forum entitled “Are We Ready” on May 15th at the St. Louis Park Recreation Center, aiming to gather input from those affected by storm water runoff.

Local meteorologists studying Minnesota weather and climate have done their homework and are predicting a sharp increase in the amount of rain and the severity of downpours across the state. With more severe showers comes the potential for flooding, especially if the infrastructure to deliver huge volumes of rainwater or melted snow is inadequate. The results of the study will affect future municipal development in land use and the creation of flow systems for storm water within communities.

Civic leaders in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed area are working together with the eventual hope of better preparing communities for the more frequent and more violent weather which is being predicted.

A second community forum will be held in 2013 to share findings of the study with stakeholders, and will likely be advertised to communities in the watershed area via flyers or poster printing by print companies in the Minneapolis area.