Minneapolis residents organize night out to fight against tragedy

August 13, 2012 by  

America’s ‘Night Out’ to fight against crime took place on August 7 and Minneapolis residents took part in the event which is celebrating its 29th year. Block parties were held across Minnesota on the National Night Out. Minneapolis resident Ann Moe organized the block party in her local area, taking the opportunity to keep in touch with and get to know neighbours.

By strengthening the community, the annual event fights against crime. In the last 12 months two incidents involving firearms occurred, and residents who live in the area where they took place say they remain strong and united in their fight against such crime. Moe states that the event provides an opportunity for her to stay in touch with neighbours, who all keep an eye out for each other. A fire engine was a main feature of the event from the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Four children were given a tour by Robert Martin, a fire-fighter from the department. The evening was spent by residents sat in chairs in the middle of the street, eating burgers and chatting. The Mayor of Minneapolis, R. T. Rybak expressed his wish that the area would always be associated with the peace and harmony of that evening.

The National Night Out campaign aims to raise awareness of crime and drug prevention, create support for local programs against crime and strengthen the relationship between local neighborhoods and the police. It is probable that local brochure printers will have been involved in creating publicity and providing information of the annual event.