Minneapolis named one of U.S. top romantic destinations

October 10, 2012 by  

Minneapolis is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ or one half of the ‘Twin Cities’ but one does not usually hear the words ‘romance’ and ‘Minneapolis’ in the same sentence.

Yet the online search engine Yahoo has named this Minnesota gem as one of America’s ‘10 unexpectedly romantic cities’ and cites the Stone Arch as the highlight of a romantic stroll.

Melissa Burdick Harmon, a writer for Yahoo, observes on the October 3 article:

“Romance easily blooms in cities that can boast the Golden Gate Bridge or the top of the Empire State Building. But take a closer look, and you will find special places for memory-making moments all over America.”

Harmon’s description of the romantic side of Minneapolis is fodder for those promoting the city as a travel destination and planning brochure printing and other promotional printing services. The now-romantic twin was chosen because it still retains a natural feel even though it is pulsating with the energy of a modern, busy city.

There are plenty of places for young love to blossom, including 22 lakes within the city boundaries, 180 parks, and, for the more active, 80 miles of walking paths and bike trails.

The charming aspects of Minneapolis include a quaint hotel situated on a Mississippi River island, with storybook neighborhoods decorated with Victorian-style homes that look like they could be right out of a romance novel.

Lovers can take a carriage ride down the cobblestones right over the Stone Arch and, finally, Minneapolis boasts a wedding chapel right in the Mall of America.