Minneapolis gets the buzz with beekeeping program

May 22, 2013 by  

The Parks and Recreation Department of Minneapolis recently announced that it will be offering its unique classes on bees and beekeeping this summer. The Department has used flyer printing to create a flyer announcing when and where the various classes will be held and what the cost of each class will be.

The program is called Community Bees on Bikes and is an educational initiative that establishes and maintains the beehives in the parks and community areas of Minneapolis, and provides an opportunity unlike any other to explore a working beehive in a safe manner. Those who sign up for the classes are put into a full bee suit that will protect them, but participants are required to wear suitable boots or shoes to make sure that their full bodies are covered.

These classes and other events have been offered by the Parks and Recreation Department for two years and are becoming more popular every summer. Experts say that bees are social insects and help to pollenate flowers and other flora that we may eat. There has been a concern in recent years that bees are dying off due to pesticides and the decreasing number of flowers around for them to eat. The classes are designed as an introduction to honeybees and how they can be maintained.

The classes are stand-alone, last for 90 minutes, and are offered at many parks throughout the summer. There will also be opportunities to get involved with an entomologist from the University of Minneapolis to take bee surveys and to attend a party in celebration of bees in July.