Minneapolis area to get boost from Pearson Candy acquisition

November 25, 2013 by  

The Pearson Candy Company, which is located in St. Paul, recently announced that it will be adding 40 jobs to its plant in St. Paul as a result of the purchase of the Bit-O-Honey candy brand from Nestle USA.

The brand was formerly manufactured in Illinois and now will be produced in Minnesota. No doubt the company is using a variety of printing services to announce the purchase and the creation of the new jobs to the community.

According to Michael Keller, CEO, the company is very excited about having Bit-O-Honey potentially come to St. Paul. He adds that there are still some details to be finalized but, if the assets can be transferred to St. Paul and the staff needed can be hired, there will be about 200 people employed by the company in St. Paul.

Pearson Candy recently held a job fair to fill positions of mechanics, cooks, and other workers. It has a long-term plan to expand what it offers and enhance the distribution of its candies across the United States, and this acquisition is an important part of this strategy. According to the privately-held company, its annual sales are more than $50m. A forgivable loan of several thousand dollars from the state of Minnesota is helping to fund the move of Bit-O-Honey.

Pearson Candy was founded by P. Edward Pearson with his brothers Oscar and John Albert in Minneapolis in 1909. In 1912, the company debuted its Nut Goodie Bars and its Salted Nut Roll in 1933, which was renamed the Choo Choo Bar a year later.