Increase in biking seen in Minneapolis

March 18, 2013 by  

A report recently released by Bike Walk Twin Cities (BWTC) has shown in increase in biking by 56% in Minneapolis since 2007, when the Twin Cities received $28m in federal funds so that the use of bikes for transportation could be increased in the metropolitan area.

It is likely poster printing and flyer printing are being used to make residents aware of these figures, as well as to encourage them to use the more than 75 miles of new sidewalks and bikeways that were built as part of this funding.

According to a spokeswoman for Transit for Livable Communities, Hillary Reeves, these numbers are encouraging as they demonstrate to Congress that communities who receive funds for such purposes are using them to their best advantage.

The report also revealed that the number of female bicyclists has also increased, particularly in the areas around the University of Minnesota. The greatest number of female bicyclists was in the area of Riverside Avenue, near the campus along the West Bank, where 38% were women – well above the average of 24% in all locations.

The service coordinator of the Hub West Bank, Will Mackin, attributes this great increase to the improvements in infrastructure on that street. Riverside Avenue was completely renovated with more bike lanes and better markings.

Although biking has boomed in Minneapolis over recent years, a study by Virginia Tech and Rutgers University says that growth in the city is slower as compared with other cities across the nation. Many in the city agree, saying that more improvements could be made in the infrastructure of cycling.