City to drive new road through Cottage Grove

July 25, 2012 by  

A beautiful new parkway lined with leafy trees is planned for the Cottage Grove subdivision in Minneapolis.

City Council revealed plans this month for a five-mile street to be constructed in the next few years, which will wind its way through the East Ravine, virtually making it a main thoroughfare in Cottage Grove.

The spectacular new divided road will cut through 4,000 acres of wooded ravine, with the opening phase of the Ravine Parkway set to come in at a cost of $21 million.

City administrator Ryan Schroeder spoke with enthusiasm about the project, saying:

“It will be the spine of the district, a big aesthetic improvement.”

The Ravine Parkway will be similar in scope to Theodore Wirth Parkway, also located in Minneapolis.

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The new tree-lined parkway will be a divided highway with dry ponds on either side to handle the southward runoff of storm water. When dry, the basins will be left as an undeveloped recreation area. The Ravine Parkway is just of many ambitious projects currently on the books in the engineering and roads department for the City of Minneapolis.

The complete plan will see the Cottage Grove area built out with infrastructure completed in approximately 2030.