City plows ahead with snow event messaging

December 7, 2012 by  

In an effort to improve communication with residents when snow events are declared, the city of Minneapolis has revealed a new messaging system.

New electronic signs installed on Hennepin Avenue, at the corner of 9th Street South and 12 other intersections in the city core, will flash when a snow event is declared and residents are required by law to remove vehicles from snow routes.

An official from Minneapolis city council explained:

“We want to starve the impound lot. We hate towing your car. We don’t make money off it, it makes you mad at us. We want to do anything humanly possible to stop you from getting your car towed.”

Posting snow emergencies on the new electronic signs is the latest method to inform residents. Flyer printing to inform Minneapolis residents that reside on roadways that have been defined as snow routes would be one of the best ways to inform vehicle owners of the rules regarding snow plowing.

The city has also released an app for smartphones which alerts users to snow emergency declarations, reminding them of parking regulations and providing a direct line to the 348 municipal snow line.

Other methods of communication used by the city of Minneapolis have included Facebook notifications, tweets, email, and advertising on cable TV.

When a snow emergency is declared after a heavy dump of snow, those living and working on snow routes must park off the road or face towing. Fees for not moving vehicles off snow routes and retrieving them from impound lots can be as high as $200.