City hall barks up the right tree

November 10, 2012 by  

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports this month that the city’s parks and recreation department has fetched enough funding to develop a new off-leash dog park in the south west corner of Minneapolis.

‘Friends of Fido’ has been waiting a long time for the new park, which is scheduled to be created on the site of a former parking lot next to the Park Board facility on King’s Highway, next door to Lyndale Farmstead Park.

The idea of using the space on King’s Highway as an off-leash dog area has been a much talked about one. It was originally going to be situated at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Kingfield. However, Minneapolis residents were unhappy that using the park as a dedicated dog space would not be an appropriate tribute to the late civil rights activist after whom the park is named. East Harriet was proposed but later rejected as issues surrounding drainage could not be overcome.

The Star-Tribune reported that Minneapolis Parks and Rec has a $191,000 budget to work with, which is approximately 0.03% of their annual operating budget.
Brad Boune, a commissioner with Southwest Minneapolis’ Park Board, said:

“It is less expensive than other amenities we build that serve fewer people. It is cheaper than a baseball field, it’s cheaper than a tennis court, it’s cheaper than a wading pool.”

Flyer printing to announce the opening would help introduce the park’s use to residents and could be distributed through local feed shops, pet food stores, and grooming and boarding facilities.