Beauty concierge program to be launched by Target

June 15, 2013 by  

Target, a big box retailer based in Minneapolis with 1,784 stores in the United States and 48 in Canada, recently announced that it will be introducing its Beauty Concierge Program to 36 stores in the Minneapolis area as of July 19. No doubt flyer printing and poster printing are being used to let its customers know of this special program that will be offered in participating stores.

The program features a Beauty Concierge who is trained in cosmetic products and can both provide unbiased advice on brands and answer questions from customers in the stores. The Beauty Concierge is an expert in the field and offers information about the personal care products stocked at Target. These experts will be in the aisle section and will be wearing a black apron to distinguish them. Appointments will not be necessary to speak with them.

According to the senior vice president of stores for Target in the Midwest region, Bryan Everett, Target is very excited about having this special and unique service for its customers in the Minneapolis area. He mentioned that such customers may be passionate about beauty but may often find the number of beauty products available on the market to be daunting and decisions about which products are most appropriate to be difficult to make. The Beauty Concierge program hopes to ensure that customers can get the personalized advice they need in a friendly manner so that they can make purchases of their beauty products at prices they can afford.