MacRostie Gallery holds free month long exhibition

April 8, 2012 by  

For Grand Rapids residents who haven’t seen the flyer printing that’s likely been available around town, the MacRostie Gallery is hosting a Regional Printmaking Exhibition for the entire month of April.

With an official start date of the 1st and a listed conclusion of the 30th of the April, the MacRostie Gallery will be showcasing the talents of nearby printmakers during the Regional Printmaking Exhibition. According to the chamber’s website, these artists are going to be displaying such timeless styles as lithography, relief, silk screen, and intaglio. By employing this sweeping approach, the Gallery is likely aiming to attract a wider range of art lovers.

Open from 10:00am until 5:00pm just about every day, residents are invited to come and see the exhibition at no cost to themselves. In many respects, the subtle marketing techniques in use here are useful to regular businesses as well. In fact, since the MacRostie gallery is largely recognized as a place where artists can sell their work, it’s not surprising that many of the same strategies are effective even in the private sector.

As a starting point, it’s interesting to note how the Gallery has chosen to host a free event that potential customers are more likely to go to. For many, this could mean promoting a huge sale or offering a workshop on an interesting but relevant subject that company representatives can solidify their reputations with. On the whole, it’s a plan that makes it easier to get exposure and generate fast leads.