Local rock band to perform at The Intersection

November 1, 2012 by  

The Minnesota pop rock band, Motion City Soundtrack, recently announced that it will be performing at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Minnesota later on this month.

The band, which has been very successful in the Midwest of the United States and around the world, might well be using flyer printing and poster printing to announce this event to its fans and the local community.

The rock group started playing together 15 years ago and has released five albums and toured extensively. Their latest album, ‘Go’, was released in June under their own label, The Boombox Generation, and has appeared in advertisements on Apple’s iPod.

According to Justin Pierre, the vocalist and songwriter for the band, the album has many songs that diverge somewhat from the band’s more typical style in that they focus on ‘us’ rather than just on ‘me’. The song ‘Happy Anniversary’, Pierre said, was more in this genre, while songs like ‘Timelines’ and ‘Everyone Will Die’ are more similar to the band’s more typical approach.

Pierre added that, in writing songs for the new album, he had concerns about writing offerings that were catchy. The band’s previous album, 2007’s ‘Even If It Kills Me’, contained many of these, according to Pierre, and the band has had several singles, such as ‘Everything is Alright’ from its 2005 album ‘Commit This To Memory’ and ‘The Future Freaks Me Out’ from 2003’s ‘I Am the Movie’, both of which were very successful.

Motion City Soundtrack will rock The Intersection on November 17th at 6:30 pm.