Local Government making the most of the Internet

January 14, 2012 by  

With at least two of its recent news items relating directly to the Internet, it’s clear that the City of Grand Rapids is making moves towards becoming more of a presence online.

Starting with the announcement that the Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority (GREDA) has unveiled its new website, individuals can immediately see the difference that the new site has made. Intuitive and easy to navigate for users, the site clearly spells out what the GREDA is all about while sporting a well-placed news feed on the side and a layout that allows the site to display information in a way that’s attractive and easy to read.

Along the same lines, the city itself has taken the next step towards making it easier for residents to see what the City Council is accomplishing during its meetings. Through the utilization of a new system that is now being dubbed ‘the Legistar’. This new part of the city’s site acts as both a calendar and an information center. Allowing people to download both the agenda and the meeting minutes at their leisure, this system makes it possible for the city to keep its residents up-to-date on all that’s taking place.

While businesses certainly can’t go wrong using digital business cards and making connections that way, there’s something to be said for having a site that engages people. The impressive layout of the Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority and the convenience that’s offered by the City Council are two examples of how the Internet can help a company.