Grand Rapids residents have options this month

October 8, 2012 by  

If the events calendar is anything to go by, the community of Grand Rapids has plenty going on for residents in October. Whether looking to enjoy the outdoors or hoping to pick up a new hobby, it would seem that people have options this month.

For those who can recall, one local event of interest was the recently held First Friday. Touted as “a celebration of art and community”, this artistic showcase was most definitely a collaborative effort. While this one had a listed date of October 5th, given the nature of First Friday, it is virtually guaranteed that printing companies were active during the lead-in promotion.

Later this month, on October 20, those who want to beat the winter have the option of heading over to the Yarn Gallery and learning how to knit slippers. Set at a price of $35 not including materials, this is a fun lesson for anyone who is looking for another option this month.

Next on the list is the opening of the Cowhorn Crossing Pumpkin Patch. At its core, this meet-up is perfect for families and individuals who are looking for an inexpensive way to spend their day. Offering hayrides, a corn maze, a petting zoo, and a hay maze, the variety of activities available is definitely a point in the Pumpkin Patch’s favor. With admission set at $4 a person, the price speaks for itself

Since the Patch appears to wind down on October 31, however, residents may want to hurry in order to fully appreciate this one before it closes.