Free SBA courses available online

March 14, 2012 by  

Whether just getting started or making moves to take the company to the next level, professionals can turn to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) for an opportunity to hone their skills through a variety of online courses.

Covering topics that range from securing financing to the specifics of subcontracting, business owners in Grand Rapids can take advantage of the combined knowledge available through the United States Small Business Administration’s website. Simply by taking the time to learn more the basic principles of these important topics, business owners will have more information at their disposal when making decisions.

Case in point, one of the courses listed under the “Managing Your Business” section is “Crime Prevention: A Guide for Small Businesses”. To take the course all an individual has to do is fill in the registration form at the site and start benefiting from the content. Another area that’s being addressed is the topic of marketing. When management is dealing with the logistics of a poster printing campaign or thinking of ways to get more out of that latest order of stationery printing, it never hurts to hear a different perspective. At the very least, this online workshop can give business owners another angle to approach situations from.

With curriculums that also include content on managing disasters and gaining a new income stream through government contracting, it’s clear that these SBA classes aren’t exclusively for beginners. Since they’re free, self-paced, and available through the Internet, Grand Rapids-based entrepreneurs can invest in their own development at a more than reasonable price.