Fishing and fairs ahead for residents

August 6, 2012 by  

As is par for the course, Grand Rapids residents have several events in the pipeline with Fish-A-Rama, the Annual Deer River Bar-B-Que & Brew Fest, and the 120th Itasca County Fair all being held in the coming days. The networking opportunities alone are worth a second look.

Things kick off this weekend with Trout Lake & Longyear Parks hosting Fish-A-Rama on August 10 and 11. Beginning at 6:00 pm, attendees will have a variety of activities in which to partake. According to advertisements, Friday evening is going to feature food and drinks and a chance to get to know the fishing guides. The action continues bright and early the following day at 9:00 am where contestants will be given the contest rules and then sent out at 11:00 am. With food, bingo, and raffles taking place along with contest awards and live music, this is an event for which fishing enthusiasts will want to be around.

Also being hosted this weekend is the Annual Deer River Bar-B-Que & Brew Fest. Taking place on Saturday, August 11, this is also expected to provide a good time for everyone involved.

As if these were not enough to keep printing companies busy, the 120th Itasca County Fair will be going from August 15 to 19 as well. With rides, karaoke, car races, live music, contests, and demonstrations all planned as part of the fair among other things, there is no telling how many printing services will be needed here.