Race to features some of the fastest cars in the Cub Scouts

May 26, 2013 by  

At the start of June, the Pinewood Derby will provide an exciting opportunity to the competing council of Cub Scouts, all seeking to win national honors.

The cars that the Cub Scouts will be racing have a simple design allowing for maximum creativity. The children and their parents or adult mentors build their car from a pinewood block, metal axles, and plastic wheels. They then customize it by weighing, carving, painting, sanding, designing, and refining each piece before finally getting to race their lovingly crafted vehicle.

Burnsville is a short 10-minute drive from where the action is taking place and the Cub Scouts appreciate each member of the audience cheering them on. Though the race only lasts a short while, its fast-paced nature makes the event is a prime opportunity for local business owners to collaborate with flyer printing services to get extra exposure.

The Pinewood Derby cars can reach speeds of nearly 20 miles per hour. If you were to enlarge the car to the size of a standard racecar, they would break 200 miles per hour. Of course, each Cub Scout’s car has a slightly different speed accredited to their personal design.

Every Cub Scout starts with the same kit, so each child has an equal chance at glory. The winner is truly dictated by ingenuity and talent alone.

The Mall of America on 60 East Broadway is the place to be to catch the action on June 1. Admission is free and the vendors within the mall offer plenty of food and drinks to accompany the fun.