Chamber presents more options for businesses

May 1, 2012 by  

All taking place in close proximity, Bloomington business owners have at least two upcoming events that will be of interest for local businesses.

The action starts really soon with the “State of the Airport” presentation taking place May 1st. Being held over the course of lunch hour with an opening of 11:30 pm and a conclusion of around 1:00 pm, this is going to be yet another great opportunity for professionals to get a quality inside look at a local industry.

Amy Klobuchar, United States Senator, will be addressing what air transportation means for the state of Minnesota with respect to the tourist industry as well as the private sector. Being put on through the combined efforts of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Airport Foundation MSP, and the Bloomington, Minneapolis Regional, and Minnesota Chambers, this is an event that’s well worth taking a second look at.

Speaking of events that are designed to cover the importance of various sectors to the community, it’s worth pointing out that the chamber is also going to hold its monthly meeting just two days later on the 3rd. Following a theme that’s similar to that of the “State of the Airport” speech, the topic of this upcoming meeting is going to be the importance of the tourist sector to Minnesota as well as the local economy of Bloomington.

Although most are aware of how places like the Mall of America present interesting opportunities as far the use of postcard printing goes, John Edman of Explore Minnesota Tourism will be taking a deeper look at what that entails. Interested individuals should contact the chamber to register.