Bloomington school board elections coming to a close

November 10, 2011 by  

There are three openings available with the Bloomington Board of Education and five people vying for those positions. For each board member, the term is supposed to last 4 years with a paid salary of $600 per month. Although candidate Judy Gruggen has since ceased campaigning, one person is still going to be left out. So Nelly Korman, Ricardo Oliva, Dick Bergstrom, and Maureen Bartolotta have been working hard to garner public support.

Although these dedicated individuals have likely found themselves dealing with things like flyer printing and poster printing in recent months, none of the candidates has lost sight of the issues faced by the board of education. Maureen Bartolotta, who has been a board member for the past 8 years, acknowledges the fact that district funding is a serious concern that the board will have to address. “It’s hard to sustain programs if the money isn’t there,” she told the local newspaper. On his part, Dick Bergstorm figures critical evaluation will have to be done in the next term on the grounds that “You manage your wants and needs.”

A quick glance through the personal stories of the candidates reveals individuals that come from a wide range of backgrounds. From Nelly Korman who is employed as a substitute teacher, to Ricardo Oliva who is a self-employed musician. What these very different individuals all have in common is a love of their community. Although nobody knows what the results will be, Bloomington residents can be confident that each of these candidates has the best interests of Bloomington’s School District in mind.