Bloomington professionals have their choice of events this March

March 1, 2012 by  

There’s plenty of activity going on in the Bloomington Chamber this March and local business owners will have every opportunity to capitalize on events like Let’s Connect and the B.E.E.R. presentation taking place in the upcoming weeks.

Let’s Connect is the earliest of these events with a chosen date of March 15th. The Bloomington Chamber says of the event:

“Make sure your business leads stay hot! Join the Bloomington Chamber every other month in 2012 for Let’s Connect! Check out our popular networking event that features a chance to show off your company with your one minute commercial while enjoying a great breakfast and learning about other local businesses. Be sure to bring brochures to display and business cards to share!” (sic.)

Starting at 7:30 am and ending at 9:00 am, the invitation to bring business card printing couldn’t be any clearer. With members paying $10 and non-members being charged $20, the costs are more than reasonable.

On the 28th, the chamber will be hosting a B.E.E.R. presentation by Mr. Jim Mulder entitled “Changing How Local Governments Do Business”. Having been the Association of Minnesota Counties’ president, Mr. Mulder is going to be talking about how government can use certain business practices to run more efficiently. Over the course of this discussion he will give specific examples of how it’s possible for local governments to save money while still providing the same services.

The Bloomington Chamber of Commerce undoubtedly has an active March ahead of it. Let’s Connect and B.E.E.R. are just two of the highlights.