Plan to attend the Legislative Breakfast series in Overland Park

January 6, 2012 by  

The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce and the Johnson County State Legislative Delegation are holding a series of five Legislative Breakfasts beginning on January 21. Each breakfast will take place at the Ritz Charles Overland Park from 7:30-9:00 am. Tickets for each breakfast are $20 for members of the Chamber and for non-members, the cost is $25. Members can buy tickets to all five for $95. Attire is business casual.

The exact dates of the five breakfasts are January 21, February 18, March 10, March 29 and April 21. Each breakfast will feature Johnson County state legislators who will discuss legislation and issues of interest to business owners. Communication between the business community and government is extremely important. Legislators must know how their legislation will affect business in order to limit any damage they can do to the chance for profit or for job creation. Often, it seems governments go ahead and make plans without consulting the public. Events like the breakfast series go a long way in fostering understanding and trust.

The breakfast series will also give business people a chance to meet and network with fellow Overland Park business leaders. Printing companies can help design a business card or a brochure to be handed out at such events when first meeting people. However, a top tip is to hand items to people personally. Just bringing a stack of literature and leaving it lying around is not considered proper etiquette. People will be taken more seriously if they talk to others in person and give them an “elevator pitch.” Literature left on tables will probably still be there at the end of the breakfast.