Learn how to have a greener garden

March 7, 2012 by  

The Johnson’s County Health Yards Expo will take place at the Lenexa Conference Center on March 31 from 9 am-3 pm. Admission is free and is expected to draw gardeners from all over Johnson County including Overland Park. Local flyer printing companies will surely have created a flyer that gives all the information local green thumbs need to know about this event.

The Kansas Healthy Yards and Communities program

“evaluates lawns and gardens in nine areas, from water use to wildlife habitat.”

The Healthy Yards Expo will teach you how to follow the suggestions of the program in order to make your garden greener.

The expo will feature gardening-related products, plants for sale, lawn care products, garden artworks, gardening tools, tips on vegetable gardening and how to create a perfect garden. There will be door prizes awards such as rain barrels and compost bins. Free soil tests will be available to those who bring a soil sample. There will also be several seminars given by master gardeners, naturalists and foresters:

• Success with container gardens
• Water quality starts in your backyard
• Managing lawn and garden waste at home
• Growing great trees
• Rain barrels: making every drop count
• Creating a beautiful lawn with less input

Gardening has changed over the years, gardeners want to make sure what they do in their yards will not adversely effect others through the use of pesticides or other dangerous chemical. They also want to cooperate with local water use laws but want their lawns to be green and healthy. There are ways to do all this and the Healthy Yards Expo should give gardeners all the information they need.