February retreat to focus on living with Type 1 Diabetes

January 6, 2013 by  

With Type 1 Diabetes being such a prevalent and life-changing ailment, it is reassuring that organizations such as the JDRF are dedicated to research of the disease and helping those living with diabetes to live long and healthy lives. One way it helps sufferers of diabetes is through connection retreats, with one coming up in early February.

JDRF Kansas City holds a yearly T1D Connection Retreat for people and families who are living with Type 1 Diabetes. These involve keynote speakers, workshops and breakout sessions for children aged eight and up, as well as adults, parents and caregivers. The retreat will no doubt draw those with diabetes and their families from all over the area, including nearby Overland Park. Organizers are propbably working with local printing companies to design and print literature to be sent to those who will be interested in attending. It will also be an opportunity for those attending to meet others who are dealing with the same thing and will give them the chance to share stories and tips.

Type 1 Diabetes is also called juvenile-onset diabetes. It is an autoimmune disease that affects over three million Americans – 85% of them adults, and often needs to be combatted with injections.

The 5th annual T1D Connection Retreat will take place at the Downtown Kansas City Marriott on February 2. Last year’s retreat cost $10 per person which included lunch, breakout sessions and a Children’s Zone. For more information, call Regan at 816-410-3533.