Olathe officials invite residents to have their say

October 21, 2013 by  

Olathe, Kansas, is planning ahead, and asking residents for their input. The Midwestern city is determining what the shape of its parks and recreation facilities will be like in the future, and officials have this month stepped up a drive to find out what Olathe’s residents have to say.

The Master Plan focuses on the next 10 years, taking into account everything from sports facilities to green space, in an effort to decide what should be fixed, what should be improved, and what should be expanded. The planning is up to the Indianapolis company Pros Consulting, which has conducted a number of focus groups during this month, as well as holding two community gatherings. Subjects under discussion ranged from improving restrooms to how to make trail connectivity better.

Nichole Asquith, who is Parks and Recreation’s marketing manager, noted that it is very important to the city to hear and act on residents’ desires, and to make sure people know their opinions matter and will make a real difference.

Olathe created its first Master Plan 15 years ago, when the city was much smaller. According to park project coordinator Michael Latka, the city decided to devise a plan because officials saw the possibility of rapid growth and wanted the parks to grow with the city. That original plan was upgraded 10 years ago, and the city has used both versions to upgrade or build parks throughout the area.

Since officials seek residents’ input, they could work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer asking for suggestions.