Olathe manufacturer keeps jobs in the city

March 19, 2014 by  

Local workers and jobseekers have had some good news recently, with the revelation this month that Global Ground Support will be remaining in Olathe.

The company recently renewed its lease on the 112,000 square foot facility it operates at Harrison Street and Old Highway 56. Global Ground Support manufactures a number of vehicles used at airports, including scissor lift trucks, deicing vehicles, and catering trucks. Global, as its name implies, has customers throughout the United States and around the world; they include the U.S. military, and both airports and airlines.

Global decided to remain in Olathe, in part, because of state-offered incentives, and remaining in the city will keep 100 jobs in Olathe as well. Even better, Global believes it will be adding another 25 jobs in the next five years.

Michael Copeland, Olathe’s mayor, said he was delighted the company was remaining in the city, since it has a 15-year history with Olathe. In addition, the work they do results in a lot of work being generated for other Olathe companies.

Rich Smith, CEO of Global Ground Support, said the Olathe facility is large enough to accommodate the expected growth of the organization. He noted that Global expects to improve its current facility.

With more jobs now likely, digital business card printing could be on the rise in the area.