Unique artworks to be displayed in Lawrence

August 8, 2012 by  

The thirty-third annual Fall Arts and Crafts Festival will take place at South Park on September 9, beginning at 10:00 am. This is a free event which runs for seven hours.

The festival will feature live music, bounce houses, a children’s booth, food vendors, and arts and crafts stalls. Those who wish to take part in the festival can rent a 10 x 10 outdoor space for $60. In order to take part, all arts and crafts must be unique, handmade, and not made from kits. It is up to the vendor to decorate their space whichever way they wish.

It is likely that many vendors will be working with Lawrence printing companies to prepare for the festival. The key to selling items at a fair is to get the attention of the public, so booths which are decorated with a large colorful banner will definitely get the attention, as will those with attractive signs. Printing companies can easily provide such items and can even advise on how best to display them for maximum attention.

Arts and crafts festivals introduce many people to up-and-coming artists in their community and are also a chance for artists to finally have a venue to show their works and to possibly make their first sale. Street fairs are an easy and exciting way to have contact with the public directly. The Arts and Crafts Festival is bound to be a fun outing for the entire family and may well foster an interest in art.