Celebrate Earth Day in South Park, Lawrence

March 8, 2012 by  

The 12th annual Earth Day Parade and Celebration will take place on April 14; the parade will start at Buford Watson Park at 11 am and make its way to South Park. Admission to the celebration is free and takes place rain or shine.

The parade will feature floats, marching bands, and local community organizations. Parade participants are free to decorate their floats any way they want; they just have to follow some basic safety and community rules. Lawrence banner printing companies will probably help participants decorate their floats; a colorful banner with the organization name on it or Earth Day slogans will help get their message across to everyone who sees it. Since most printing companies now use vegetable-based inks and are dedicated to safe disposal of any chemicals they use, there will be no conflict of interest for those involved in the environmental movement.

The celebration will feature live music, food, children’s activities and exhibits on such topics as recycling, waste reduction, alternate fuels and wildlife preservation. Exhibitors are expected to

“have a display and/or activity which will be fun and interactive, helping both children and adults learn about the environment.”

In addition, the April Showers to Water Towers: Festival for Douglas County will feature interactive activities which will show the

“importance of clean water to families, the community and environment.”

To make it easy for families to get to the celebration and to highlight the importance of public transit in conserving fuel, the Transit system will be free all day.