University organizes exploration event

August 12, 2012 by  

The University of Iowa Space Pioneers will be presenting a NASA/Art Talk event entitled ‘54 Years of Exploration’ at the University on Thursday, August 16. The presentation will take place fromt 7:00 pm.

Making up part of the Lecture & Gallery Tour, Professor Gurnett will be guiding the audience with lectures that highlight contributions made by the University to the space industry, as well as leading them on a tour of the objects on display throughout the galleries. The University has long been a pioneer when it comes to space research and recently gained international recognition for instruments aboard spacecrafts that have surpassed 63 missions. This guided tour will enlighten the audience on the major role the University has played over the years when it comes to spaceflight.

Professor Gurnett specializes in space plasma studies and has more than 25 individual projects related to spacecrafts involving Voyager 1 and 2 missions to outer space and planets. He has authored more than 450 purely scientific publications focusing on plasma and magnetospheric radio. Over the years, the professor has received many awards for his research and development projects and papers. Besides researching, Professor Gurnett teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in astronomy and physics.

Brochure printing and poster printing may have been used to promote this lecture to the University Students and the resident of the community and surrounding area, including Davenport, which is about an hour’s drive away. Admission is free and everyone who wants to brush up on their astronomic knowledge is welcome. For more information, please visit the Figge Art website, the University of Iowa website, or call Figge Art at 563-326-7804.