Davenport in flight with butterfly film

February 14, 2013 by  

A current showing of ‘Flight of the Butterflies in 3D’ is showcasing the history and detective story behind the scientific discovery of monarch butterflies.

As part of this documentary film, being sponsored by Wells Fargo, the audience will learn about the secret and mysterious hideaways these butterflies use as they take their migratory journey each year. Poster printing and flyer printing were probably used to promote this movie picture to people in this area and the surrounding communities.

This is a natural history story about the migratory flight of the monarch butterfly, covering the migration of the butterfly from Canada to their winter sanctuary in Mexico that took place in 2011 and 2012 – both there and back. Guests will enjoy this giant screen production that immerses them in the astonishingly beautiful butterfly’s life cycle over a two-year period.

There is a preview evening for members of the museum scheduled prior to the opening for the public. This is an award-winning theater production featuring a team that filmed millions of monarchs in their remote winter locations.

Admission is free for members, while non-members pay between $5 and $7 depending on age. The Flight of the Butterflies in 3D began showing on Sunday, February 10, and its final showing is tomorrow, February 15, at the Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science located at 1717 W 12th Street in Davenport, Iowa. To check times and purchase tickets, please visit the Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science website or call during business hours.