Portage beauty spotted amongst Hurricane Sandy

November 13, 2012 by  

Hurricane Sandy brought an unexpected benefit to residents of Portage, Indiana, according to a report from October 30, 2012. That morning, the Portage Lakefront, as well as Riverwalk Park, was jammed with people who had come to watch the high waves generated by the storm. Portage lies on Lake Michigan and on clear days, residents can see the Chicago skyline, 52 miles distant. October 30, however, they were focused on the spectacle of 12 to 15 foot waves pounding into the city from the north.

Winds were clocked at up to 50 mph in Northwest Indiana, which caused another natural phenomenon: a sandstorm. Portage lies near the Indiana Dunes State Park, which ordinarily provides a good vantage point to watch the lake. One couple who planned to camp there gave up the idea and focused on the water instead. Carol and Cecil Julian of Wheeler described the event as something that happens only “once in a lifetime.”

The sand became as big an attraction as the waves, and forced some school closures. Christine Pepa, principal of the Charter School of the Dunes, said the sandstorm made conditions unsafe for the children, and added that it looked “like a snowstorm.” The wild weather conditions spawned by Sandy brought unexpected beauty to a city hundreds of miles away.

Portage authorities might consider flyer printing services to warn residents of the dangers posed by the storm, including beach erosion. These, alongside notices, can also be a great way to highlight those areas where it is safe to watch the lake.