How to hold a successful grand opening

December 15, 2011 by  

The Portage Chamber of Commerce has published a guide on “How to Have a Successful Grand Opening/Ribbon-cutting/Open House.” This one-page guide offers advice to ensure that your event will not go unnoticed.

The first suggestion they make is that your business should have been open for at least two weeks prior to a grand opening or other event. You want the public to know that it is a viable working company and you want to be able to show them something about the operation of the business.

They also suggest that you plan the event for a time of day when local dignitaries can attend; the Chamber suggests it should be held between 5-7 pm and usually during the week.

Invitations should be sent out at least two weeks before the event. A good size invitation is one the size of a postcard; printing companies in Portage can help you to design the perfect one. The Chamber suggests that you invite local dignitaries such as the mayor, all Chamber members (they can supply you with a list), current customers, business contacts, your friends and your family.

The next step is to let the press know about the event by contacting them personally or writing a press release.

It is suggested that you decorate in a way that will draw attention to the event with items such as balloons and banners.

You should supply refreshments to your guests, depending on what your budget is like you can arrange it yourself or hire a caterer.

The last thing you should do when planning an event is to arrange for entertainment. This can range from a radio to a live band. Door prizes are also a good idea; have guests drop off their business card and draw the winner’s card. As the Chamber suggests, this is also an opportunity to create a mailing list.