OMG….It’s a Mystery in Indiana in May

April 6, 2012 by  

On Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 25th, the Indianapolis Propylaeum will be hosting an event named “Help! Solve the Murder!” at 1410 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. This event will begin at 6pm and dinner will be served at 7pm.

This event is set in 1970 and The Bottle, who are an extremely successful band, crash all the world’s records and participate in a world sellout tour, while sales of their albums and singles skyrocket up, up, up. Even with all this success, there are rumors that the band members are really unhappy and have been for a long time. The Bottles decide after many years of unhappiness and fighting to split up and go their own ways. This spells the end for the financially strapped Bottles Pear Corp. The matter is more stressed when a senior figure in the Pear Corp, Paulo Fone, is found dead at the Propylaeum, while the Bottles are playing in the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.

Guests will experience a night of fine dining, a night of bottle trivia, and help solve the murder mystery. All foods served during this evening event will be those enjoyed back in the 1970s. The Propylaeum is a women’s club in the Indianapolis area and a resounding cornerstone of the history of the city. This group is about civic responsibility, community service, and supports music, science, fine arts, and literature. This provides women with a place to enjoy social activities and acts as a cultural center that enrich the women’s personal and professional lives. This event will also serve as a wine tasting event.

Stationery printing projects for this event may include the tickets at $50 per person. For additional information about this event, please visit the Propylaeum’s website or call 317-638-7881.