Local heroes in Indianapolis

October 4, 2012 by  

What could have been a terrible tragedy instead became a celebration of life earlier this week, when neighbors saved a baby from a house fire on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rashiea Alsul, who is the mother of two boys aged four and one, was unsure how the October 2 fire started but believed her older son was playing with a cigarette lighter and set the bedroom alight. She was able to grab him but could not reach his younger brother.

Although firefighters were on the scene, two neighbors have been credited with saving the infant’s life – Ladonna Thompson and an unidentified gentleman. Thompson and the man broke windows and called to the boy. When he did not respond, Thompson went into the house to find him.

Thompson says that once she got inside she began to yell for the boy and told him to keep yelling until she found him. Then she grabbed him and rushed back outside, where others brought jackets and blankets for him.

Thompson, who suffered the loss of her own child in 2005, is now being touted as a hero. She disagrees, saying that she was simply where she needed to be at the time she needed to be there.

The family dog, Lucky, also lived up to his name. He was found on the porch and, although he was given oxygen by firefighters, was otherwise unhurt. The fire was controlled in less than fifteen minutes, but it’s estimated that the home is a total loss.

In this case, neighbors might want to carry out some flyer printing to help raise money for the family that just lost their home.