Indianapolis welcomes a new resident in an unusual way

December 19, 2012 by  

One of Indianapolis’ most recent newcomers made a high-speed entrance at the end of November. Little Mtabisi Moyo came into the world in the back seat of his grandmother’s car as she and his mother tried desperately to get to the hospital.

Carol Moyo, the infant’s mother, was caught off guard by the speed at which her labor progressed. Since her husband was at work, she called her mother, Catherine Mangozhe, for help. Mangozhe picked up her daughter but just as they got started, Moyo’s water broke.

At first, Moyo says, her mother was trying to call the baby’s father and was driving too slowly. When Moyo pleaded with Mangozhe to speed up, she did—with a vengeance. She took the car up to 80 mph, hoping to get pulled over by police so she could turn the entire situation over to them.

By this time Carol was screaming in pain so her mother pulled the car over and examined her. What she saw shocked her: she could see the baby’s head. She tried to help her daughter and call 911 at the same time, then finally dropped the phone and assisted with the delivery.

She told her daughter to push, then grasped the baby’s shoulders and delivered it. When paramedics arrived, they pronounced mother and baby doing fine. Ironically, the baby’s father got stuck in traffic. It was only later that he found out the jam was due to his son’s unorthodox arrival.

Given the extraordinary story, ordinary birth announcements may seem inadequate, so the Moyos might want to use banner printing services to celebrate Mtabisi’s birth.