Indianapolis Prize 2012 nominees announce

November 25, 2011 by  

The nominees for the 2012 Indianapolis Prize have been announced; this year there are 29 conservationists nominated for this prestigious honor. The winner of the Prize wins $100,000 and the Lilly Medal.

Of the 29 nominees, an International Nominating Committee will choose six finalists. One of those six finalists will then be chosen the winner by the Prize Jury. Videos will be produced about the life and work of each finalist and will be shown at the Indianapolis Prize Gala on September 29, 2012; the winner will then be announced.

Conservation is an important goal in today’s world. So many species are disappearing due to their habitat disappearing, over hunting or because of environmental reasons such as disappearing forests. Along with recycling it is one of the important things we must do for our environment. Printing companies, for example, are transitioning to using paper which does not destroy habitats and inks that are safe for our environment and the species who occupy the Earth. Awards such as the Indianapolis Prize draw attention to all the great work that is being done worldwide in the field of conservation.

Among those nominated for this year’s prize are Lisa Dabek of the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, Steven C. Amstrup of Polar Bears International, Carl Jones of the Mauritian Wildlife Federation, Robert C. Lacy and George B. Rabb both of the Chicago Zoological Society, Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Joel D. Sartore of the Grassland Foundation and Patricia Wright of the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments.