Indianapolis multi-million dollar renovation project moves forward

December 17, 2012 by  

On Indianapolis’ northwest side, neighborhood groups are happy that a plan to rezone property in their area is going ahead, according to a December 5 report.

The Indianapolis, Indiana Metropolitan Development Commission rezoned the property, which comprises approximately 20 acres off Kessler Boulevard and Michigan Road, to accommodate a project estimated to cost in the multi-millions of dollars. Among those moving in will be shops, a bank, restaurants, and a small grocery store.

These are the type of businesses that can anchor a community. In fact, Barbara Burcham, of the Crooked Creek Community Council, stress that a bank and grocery are very necessary items in the local community.

Another positive effect of the rezoning is that it will allow developers to tear down a long-abandoned Masonic lodge that some members of the community has considered an eyesore for some time. Burcham called the structure a “blight to the community” and members of the Highland-Kessler Civic League expressed concern about the property, which they felt was too valuable to leave underused.

The project developer has worked with the various groups for years in order to develop a plan that would please most of the area homeowners. Although three homes will be demolished, one historic structure will be relocated, and the plan preserves a wooded area intact. Final approval of the project is expected from the City-Council Council at its meeting today, December 17.

The developer could consider contacting a brochure printer to help them publicize the area, and perhaps attract additional tenants to the new center.