Indianapolis International Airport considers changes to parking charges

March 24, 2013 by  

Indianapolis International Airport is considering making changes to the way it handles its parking operations to raise additional monies.

The airport is considering replacing the designated valet parking spots in its garage with a ‘premium’ parking area that would command higher fees. In addition, the airport has asked for proposals for a self-parking area near the sky bridge that leads to the terminal.

Parking fees, which are the airport’s second-largest source of revenue, amount to nearly $40m annually. Valet parking accounts for far less income but has still experienced an increase, from $2m in 2011 to $2.4m in 2012.

Michael Wells, president of the airport board, said the facility is reviewing all of its options, with the goal of identifying which products travelers want most.

Indianapolis International is only one of many airfields around the country trying to find new ways to raise revenue, and turning to parking to do so. At Logan International in Boston, for instance, there is a program called ‘Lexus Parking Passport Gold’, which guarantees members a parking space in exchange for a monthly fee. In MinneapolisSt. Paul, members of the ‘eParking Elite’ program pay a $95 monthly fee for guaranteed space in a specially-managed capacity-controlled section of the parking facilities.

The board could consider working with flyer printing specialists to create a mailer for the community, explaining the changes and why they are necessary. A flyer could be pro-active and stop objections to any price hikes before they start.