Indianapolis has a snowy start to 2013

January 31, 2013 by  

Indianapolis has found that snowfall, while beautiful to see, can be an expensive occurrence. A story from earlier this month reveals that the blizzard that hit the city the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, with a particularly heavy fall on December 26 cost Indianapolis $2.4 million to deal with it.

Putting down 14,370 tons of salt alleviated the conditions to an extent, but many streets were still ice-covered a week after the storm. Residents spoke of slipping and sliding, both on foot and in their cars, describing conditions as “treacherous” and “dangerous,” particularly on unplowed side streets. Letter carrier Reggie Jordan said his vehicle started sliding and he had to pump the brakes to keep from running into parked cars.

Lesley Malone, spokesperson for the Department of Public Works, acknowledged the complaints but noted that the city does plow the side streets if the snowfall is six or more inches. Money and resources do not allow it to put down salt, however, since there are more than 4,000 miles of residential thoroughfares in the city.

Malone added that drivers who sustain damage to their vehicles because of road conditions can file a claim against Indianapolis, but they most show the city was negligent. Malone did encourage residents who are concerned about a particular intersection to call the Mayor’s Action Center, which sends out inspectors to see if it is necessary to salt the street.

The city clearly responds to its citizens, so in future years in may benefit from working with brochure printers to publicize the Mayor’s hotline, and explain its salting policy.