Good news for Indianapolis job-seekers

December 17, 2012 by  

Indianapolis, Indiana residents who have considered driving a bus now have a chance to do so, according to an announcement at the end of last month.

IndyGo, the bus company that operates public transport in Marion County, plans to increase the frequency with which the buses run on its 30-core routes, as well as adding a north side route. It also plans to add weekend services. These changes mean that IndyGo needs additional drivers, and it hopes to recruit as many as 50 for the expansion, scheduled for 2013.

One major change in the program is that hopeful drivers do not have to have a Class B Commercial Driver’s License(CDL) to be considered for the position. Instead, through its new Employment Contract Program, IndyGo plans to offer free CDL training and certification by means of a contract with a local school that teaches commercial driving.

IndyGo’s human resources vice president, Mike Birch, noted that the company’s decision to offer interested persons a chance to get a commercial license for free was a big change in its business model. He noted that a lot of people, many of whom had never considered becoming professional drivers, had already expressed interest in the program, which is exactly what IndyGo hoped would happen.

Those who hope to go through the CDL training must first pass exams, both written and physical, and sign an employment contract for a year. If they successfully complete the CDL training, they will then undergo a further eight weeks of intensive paid training.

IndyGo could contact brochure printers to have them help to design a brochure explaining the new program and what qualification potential drivers need.