Companies hope to capitalize on Superbowl cash cow

November 9, 2011 by  

In the winter of 2012, Indianapolis will host the greatly anticipated Superbowl XLVI. As the city continues to struggle economically, Superbowl XLVI presents Indianapolis-based businesses with a great financial opportunity. The influx of thousands of potential customers pouring into the city will provide a substantial boost to a struggling city.

The city continues to lose on other fronts. The hometown Colts have started the season 0-9, removing any chance of seeing them play on their home turf in Superbowl XLVI. There is little resemblance of the team that has dominated the league over the last decade with a Superbowl championship and countless playoff appearances. The undeniable cause to this decline has been that all-star Quarterback Peyton Manning has been unable to play due to a severe neck injury. Even though the Colts will not be in Superbowl XLVI, the city will welcome the much needed economic boost.

Print companies will be among the many industries that gain from this historic event. The print industry continues to experience a significant decline in a technologically advancing paperless world, thus companies will need to reach out to fans months before the Superbowl arrives. By establishing a reliable customer base through creative customer support and innovative printing techniques, print companies will be able to sustain customers for long periods of time.

The printing services that football fans would most desire include: poster printing and banner printing to show support for their perspective teams. Also, postcard printing will be in high demand since many fans will be traveling from across the United States and will want to purchase a souvenir that they can send to their friends and relatives.