Stupey Cabin Picnic to make history come alive again

May 29, 2013 by  

The Highland Park Historical Society will soon be presenting the annual Stupey Cabin Picnic, together with the Park District of Highland Park. This year’s picnic will be taking place this weekend.

It will feature a barbecue, live music, tours of Stupey Cabin, hands-on exhibits, a Civil War re-enactments by the 10th Illinois Regiment, and the reading of Civil War Letters – so plenty for guests to get their teeth into whether they are fond of history or not.

There will also be a Sesquicentennial commemoration, which will also involve the firing of powder muskets. All guests will receive a commemorative pin to mark the occasions.

Many from around the area, including nearby Wheeling, will no doubt want to attend this celebration of history. The organizers will likely be working with local printing companies to design and print materials such as flyers and posters to advertise the event to the community.

The Stupey Cabin – or the Francis Stupey Log Cabin to give it its full title – is the oldest landmark in Highland Park, dating right back to 1847. Donated to the city in 1969, it was moved to a location next to city hall, at which it still stands today. It takes its name from the pioneer who built it over 160 years ago.

The Stupey Cabin Picnic will take place in Laurel Park on June 1 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Admission is $5 per person. All proceeds go to support Stupey Cabin preservation. For more information, contact the Highland Park Historical Society at 847-432-7090