Celebrate the cultural diversity of Wheeling

May 6, 2012 by  

The 2012 Wheeling International Fest will take place at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago on June 23rd from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. The Fest is presented by the Village of Wheeling, Wheeling Prospect Heights Area Chamber of Commerce, Wheeling Park District and the Korean Cultural Center. All proceeds will go to benefit the Korean Cultural Center and the Wheeling Chamber of Commerce.

The festival will feature family activities, live entertainment and a vendor’s showcase. It will also provide international entertainment, food and drink for such cultures as Irish, German, Korean, Chinese, Mexican and Greek.

Local vendors do not have to specifically sell anything that is directly related to cultural experiences. Any local business is welcome to apply to become a vendor. Companies that do decide to showcase their products or services at the Wheeling International Fest will no doubt arrange with local printing companies for banner printing, poster printing and brochure printing services to help them to prepare. People love to pick up literature and other free items at events such as these. The vendors can also provide visitors with a reusable tote bag in which to place all those free items.

The United States is made up of many ethnic origins and they have brought many positive things to the country such as a variety of foods and unique cultural traditions. This event will allow the community to recognize those differences and to possibly discover something new. The event will also give local companies the chance to introduce their newest products and services to the community.