Airport looks to keep noise down

December 14, 2018 by  

Chicago Executive Airport, a general aviation airport co-owned by Wheeling and Prospect Heights, is considering a trial soundproofing program that would help reduce the noise levels faced by nearby homeowners. The program would give new noise-abatement materials to qualifying homes near the airfield.

The airport board will consider the proposal soon, and if it is approved, property owners who qualify would receive free doors, windows, and other materials to help them reduce the airport noise. Jamie Abbott, the airport’s executive director, said the effort would begin next year, and would cost about $2.7m, most of it coming from a grant by the Federal Aviation Administration, with the city adding another $250,000.

Abbott added that other airports have undertaken similar programs, though usually the airfields that have done so have been major installations such as O’Hare International. Midway Airport also has a program like this, Abbott says, but few general aviation airports ever undertake the effort. However, the airport board has decided to consider it, since it believes the airport should be a good neighbor to Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Officials considering measures like this could use flyer printing to explain the program to residents.

A vote by the airport board is expected at the mid-December meeting. Ray Lang, the director of the airport board and a Wheeling Village trustee, said the soundproofing measure is a ‘big deal’ for his community, and for Prospect Heights.