Westmont water rates to go up again

December 26, 2011 by  

Westmont residents are about to get hit with another water rate increase. The second rate hike in recent months goes into effect January 1. There appears to be no end in sight for rising water prices in Westmount.

Projected rate hikes could mean townspeople and business will see water bills double by 2017, according to village officials. Printing services may stay busy updating water price changes for several years to come.

A recently passed ordinance by the Westmont Village Board permits water rates to go up automatically anytime the DuPage Water Commission imposes a rate increase, which typically occurs annually. The ordinance allows the water commission to charge more for water usage without first getting approval from the village board.

Money from the rate hikes will be used in part to repair and replace aging water mains and meters to keep up Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, explained Westmont Water Department Supervisor Mike Ramsey. Westmount village leaders add that higher water bills will help offset the higher rate the water commission has to pay Chicago for the use of Lake Michigan.

Westmont residents make take solace when they open their January water bill in knowing that the Illinois EPA instituted a new program in 2010, the new Lake Michigan Monitoring Program(LMMP,)to more effectively monitor the quality and condition of Lake Michigan. A body of water the agency describes as a great natural asset.

State EPA officials say LMMP better serves the needs of water users from both an assessment and monitoring standpoint compared to a previous monitoring program that was conducted in cooperation with the city of Chicago.