Multi-Chamber Luncheon about to be served up

July 27, 2012 by  

Westmont-based professionals may want to consider contacting local print companies for business card printing, as well as other promotional materials. With the Westmont Power Partners meeting up and a Multi-Chamber Luncheon taking place as well, the networking opportunities available through the Chamber of Commerce are something of which to take note in August.

First of all, the Westmont Power Partners will be meeting on August 1. Comprised entirely of those who are members of the Westmont Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, the connections made within this group stand a legitimate chance of being turned into something tangible. Starting at 8:00 am and going for about an hour after that, planning ahead for this one would be sensible.

Quite possibly one of the biggest highlights of August for local professionals is currently being promoted under the name ‘Multi-Chamber Luncheon: SpeedNetworking 2012’. The biggest advantage of this meet-up is the way that it gives Westmont’s business community a platform for interacting with other entrepreneurs from the Downers Grove, Woodridge, Darien, and Lisle Chambers. When the fact that tabletop sponsorships are going for $50 is also taken into account, SpeedNetworking 2012 becomes that much more attractive from a prospective attendee’s standpoint.

Taking place on August 8, this popular networking format will also feature an excellent lunch at the Hilton Hotel & Conference Center in Downers Grove. Set at a price of $25 for members and $35 for guests, the availability of online registration makes sign up more convenient for everyone involved. With a deadline of August 2, however, interested individuals will have to register soon.