The Taste of Orland Park is back for 2012

July 13, 2012 by  

The ninth annual Taste of Orland Park will take place at the Orland Village Center from August 3 – 5. This is a free event and is expected to draw up to 40,000 visitors.

In addition to the food from some of the village’s best restaurants, there will also be live entertainment on two stages. Attractions offered will include line-dancing, bingo, a car show, community booths, country western night, live band karaoke, and a teen Battle of the Bands. Kids’ Day will take place on August 4 and will feature lots of fun activities for children. The car show costs $20 to take part in and 75 awards will be given out at the end.

The community booths will no doubt be presenting information on various organizations throughout the village, both business and charities. The people organizing these booths would be wise to work closely with Orland Park printing companies to provide the public with literature about the work that they do. Providing a brochure or a flyer that gives information on the organization, what they do, and how the public can help will be indispensable for those seeking the facts. Flyers are very cost effective and might be the best way to dispense that information quickly. If the organizers were to go down this route, any flyers not used up could be distributed to local homes, handed out on the street, or saved for the next community festival that comes up. This will no doubt attract more volunteers and individuals willing to help the cause.